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• Who can apply?
1. Must be at least 21 to 50 years old
2. A Filipino citizen currently living in the Philippines
3. Currently employed, self-employed.

• Requirements

1. Must have SSS Number
2. a. If employed:

  • 1 Valid Government ID (SSS, TIN, UMID, Passport, Driver’s License, PhilHealth, Voter’s ID);

b. If Self employed:

  • Business permit/ DTI Cert. / Brgy. Bus. permit / Mayors Permit;

3. Bank account or E-wallet (G-Cash / Paymaya) to receive loan proceeds

4. Contact references:

a. If employed:

  • HR / Direct Supervisor name and contact;
  • 1 or 2 colleagues;
  • 1 or 2 Personal references (Adult relatives or persons living in the same household).

b. If self employed:

  • Trade / supplier contact number;
  • Link to online shop;
  • 2 personal references (Adult relatives or persons living in the same household).

• How long is the process?
Our 3 simple steps ensure that you get cash as the fastest way possible! It only takes 5-30 minutes!
1. Apply.
2. Get Verified.
3. Receive the Loan.

• How long can I borrow?
Our clients can tailor-fit their loan tenure to suit their needs. Loans can be availed from 7 upto 30 days, in order to ensure you can pay according to your cashflow.

• How much is your interest?
Depending on your loan term, interest rates will be varied. You may log-into your account and select an active or previous application in order to get the calculation. Similalry, we have provided you with a calculator that you can use to determine how much and how long you want to borrow.

• How do I know if my application is approved?
CashXpress strives to keep our clients updated with their application. We will send you an SMS, Email or we will call you to update you your status.

• Do I need to sign any contract?
We try to lessen our carbon footprint and also have made it easier for you! Our platform is designed with the latest technology in compliance with Philippine laws, all our contracts are electronically signed and verified. No need to print and scan. More love to Mother Earth!

Need help submitting your application? Reach us at:

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  • Mobile Number
  • Write additional Requests/Concerns