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• I can’t make the full payment on my due date, what should I do?
If you think you need more time to settle the full loan amount due, you may request to have your loan extended. Simply log-into your account, click EXTEND LOAN and pay the minimum amount due. You can also call, email or chat with us to assist you making the request.


• How long can I extend my loan payment?
You may extend your loan due dates for same period as you took a loan. Example, if you took a loan for 15 days, you can request to extend your payment for an additional 15  days after the original agreed due date.


• When can I apply for loan extension?
You may apply for the extension 3 days before your due date or on your due date. Just Call, Email or Chat Us with your full name, and contract number.


• How do I complete my extension request?
Log into your account.
On the pop-up reminder of your active loan, click “EXTEND LOAN” button.
Choose the number of days you want to extend and check the MINIMUM PAYMENT required.
Click “PAY MINIMUM AMOUNT” to activate the extension.


You can also access this option by going to “HISTORY” tab and select the account you want to extend. You will be prompted to choose your preferred payment options and further instructions will be provided
to complete the request. Please be reminded that you should pay the minimum amount on or before 6PM of your due date in order to activate this request.