How to repay a loan in Cash XPress

How to repay a loan

When should I pay?

You may check the repayment due date of your active loan by logging into your account and clicking HISTORY. Similarly, we have also included the due date in the loan contract we have sent you when you got approved.

How much should I pay?

Please pay the total loan amount due, or the minimum amount due if you availed of the extension, on or before your due date to avoid any late charges. If you are making a payment after your due date, pay the total amount due plus penalties and charges. The amount will be available in your profile when you click “PAY”

Where do I pay?

We are partnered with multiple payment channels to make repayments easier for you!
Please log-in to your account and click PAY NOW and choose your preferred method of payment. A payment instruction will be generated with your reference number to help you every step of the way.

What other information I should put in when I make repayments?

When making payments, please carefully put in the correct amount, reference number and/or contract number to ensure your payments will be credited to your account without delay.

I can’t pay the full amount on my due date, what should I do?

If you need to have more time in order to settle the full loan amount due, you may request to have your loan extended. Simply log-in to your account, click EXTEND LOAN and pay the minimum amount due. You can also call, email or chat with us to assist you making the request.

What if I make late payments?

We understand there may be unforeseen circumstances that may come your way. We encourage you to get in touch before your due date arrives if you think you will make a late payment. Our platform offers LOAN EXTENSION to ensure your credit history with us stays in order and up to date

Where can I find repayment information of a particular loan contract?

If you wish to view a detailed information of your current or previous loans with us, just log into your account and click HISTORY. All your active and closed applications/loans will be listed in this section, just look for the loan application/account you want to view and click to load the full information.

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